Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Philip Perkins - Neighborhood With A Sky [Bird Variations] (Fun, 1982)

This is another fine example of musique concrète. Neighborhood With A Sky (Bird Variations), as the artist states, is comprised of "short, highly evocative audio pieces, similar in size and structure, that ...present an audioscape to the listener in much the same way as a neighborhood of buildings and streets presents itself to one walking through it." Unlike earlier musique concrète work, the intent of the album yields more accessible, almost conventional song structures. Continuo has a great review of this album and you can read it here. Philip Perkin's career in experimental music began in the late 1970's and he is still active today. He has also been involved in film and television sound production. Listen to Neighborhood With A Sky. For further reading about the artist, please visit his website here.

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