Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jacques Diennet - Mante (hat ART, 1987)

Jacques Diennet is a French electronic music composer and is often considered France's pioneer of "live" digital music. He became acquainted with digital composition in the late 70's while visiting the US where he worked alongside Robert Ashley and Jon Appleton, the latter of whom introduced him to the Synclavier. Diennet can be heard playing a Synclavier II on the three compositions that make up Mante, with one composition exclusively for synthesizer. The other two pieces, "Mante" and "Facile Pour Cecile" are based around poems by French poet Christian Tarting, and feature readings of the poems over a backdrop of live instrumentation in a jazz-like format. Diennet currently serves as the Artistic Director of Ubris Studio, a company that supports the development of written and improvised electronic music performance. Thanks to Continuo for his scans, and for further reading, see his in-depth post on this album. Download it here.

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