Saturday, August 11, 2012

António Victorino d'Almeida - Catedral da Angústia (Decca, 1974)

Catedral da Angústia is an experimental album by Portuguese composer António Victorino d'Almeida. D'Almeida has had a fruitful career as an artist in various fields, gaining recognition as a composer, performer, author and actor. At the time of this release, he was mostly known for his work producing and hosting the television program Histórias da Música. He is recognized today for his extensive work in television, and his large body of contemporary classical compositions. Catedral da Angústia expresses d'Almeida's interest in avant-garde and musique concrète and differs greatly from his later compositions.


  1. Thanks for this great LP. I can hear echoes of Leo Brouwer, sometimes, in this wonderful music. Your clean rips would be even more appreciated in 320kbps – anyone with an internet connection can download a 100mb file nowadays. A 192kbps bitrate is close to UbuWeb standards, that is: almost unlistenable. I will keep an eye on your next posts and hope you have many more rarities like this to share with us in the future. And thanks for linking to Continuo's.

    1. Thanks Continuo, I'm glad you like this one. And thank you for adding a link to my page as well. I've been considering what you said and have decided to post albums at 320kbps from now on. When I have time, I will re-rip this album and post it at higher quality, so stay tuned.