Saturday, September 12, 2015

Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Volume Two (Vertigo [UK] 1970)

After the popular English beat group Manfred Mann disbanded, founding members Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg continued their collaboration in an experimental, jazz-rock group, Manfred Mann Chapter Three. The new ensemble featured voodoo lyrics à la Dr. John over funk influenced rhythms and a full horn section with soloists doing their best Albert Ayler. Manfred Mann Chapter Three's first, eponymous album, released in 1969, was one of the first three records to be released on the newly minted Vertigo Records label. Volume Two followed in 1970 and was the their last recording. Mann went on to form Manfred Mann's Earth Band, apparently trying to get as much mileage as possible out of his given name. Download it here.

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