Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gay & Terry Woods - Backwoods (Polydor [UK] 1975)

This is a good one to kick start some diversification here at The Magnetic Garden. Gay & Terry Woods were both members of seminal folk rock group Steeleye Span. In 1970, they departed the group, formed The Woods Band and released an eponymous album that is now highly desirable. Four years later, The Woods Band separated and the two formed a group under their own names. Backwoods was the first release by this incarnation and it began a more focused direction towards folk-influenced popular rock that would be explored further on the later albums Renowned and Tender Hooks.

Available here!

NOTE: I failed to mention in yesterday's post that I have updated my equipment and software!  I am now recording with a Technics SL1210 equipped with a Stanton 600EE cartridge running through a vintage Realistic solid state preamp, though I will be upgrading to a tube preamp shortly. In the meantime, the Realistic pre works surprisingly well. I've upgraded my software to AlpineSoft's VinylStudio, which I highly recommend.


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