Saturday, May 11, 2013

May '13 Update

If anyone is counting, you know my posts have been far and few as of late and for this I apologize. It's been a busy spring and that's all I can say in my defense. Hopefully, though, no one has lost interest because I have a few titles which I am really excited about that should be making their way to the blog shortly. Here's a taste:

- New Music for Electronic & Recorded Media (all female composers)
- Pataphonie's first album
- Compositeurs de musique électrouacoustique du Canada, e.g. Jean Piché, Barry Truax, etc.
- Stockhausen on Candide!
- Percussion!

Also, odd private pressings and probably some more Opus One titles. Please stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the update. I visit regularly and am a patient man. Your 'taste' holds much promise. Thanks.


  2. can't wait hope this happens soon. love your site.
    my vinyl copy of entourage was quite worn ( from its dollar bin retrival years ago)