Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Michael Galasso - Scenes (ECM, 1983)

The late violin virtuoso Michael Galasso, born 1949 Louisiana, began studying music at the age of three and gave his first solo performance by the age of eleven. He began his career as a composer in the early '70s writing scores for some of Robert Wilson's plays.  Scenes was Galasso's first album of studio recordings, released on the ECM label. It is comprised of nine pieces for violin, on which Galasso is the sole performer by utilizing studio multitracking. The musical vignettes are simple yet evocative and while occasional bearing the influence of Baroque composers, (i.e. Vivaldi, Albioni, Bach) they are devoid of pomp and ostentation. Get it here.


  1. Evan, i know you have less than nothing from this, but really thank you for this album. i first heard of his music in that swedish film 'Den nya människan' from 2007 in which some despairing bit of music was played that i liked. i saw this album on the composer's site and i found it here when tried searching for it. ive just put it to download and still didnt hear any track from it, but thank you really much for it, no matter how it gets to be for me, as i couldve never otherwise hear it. Really thank you.
    (and sorry for this more but just to say that he died in 2009. i first thought he was still alive)

  2. Good day, I am oooking for a sheet music of the scene 4. Do you have any advise for me where I can find it please? Thank you. Michaela