Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update for 2013

I have to apologize for my slow output over the past couple months. My vinyl transferring set up has had to undergo a few changes and it may be a while yet before it's back in order. I'm in the process of refurbishing a Philips GA 212; see photo. It's a fine turntable with a very clean sound and I anticipate an increase in the sound quality of my transfers.
In the meantime, I have been working on my Tumblr page. It is a composite of my interests both aural and visual. I have been posting links to download some of my favorite albums without association to any particular genre. If interested, please visit- Giallo Magic Orchestra. I have also been diligently working on my own music. Until this point, I have been hesitant to promote my own music through this blog, but with the recent lack of posts, I figure I should provide something new to keep viewers interested.

I recorded Discoveries In A Brief Moment of Clarity between 2008 and 2010. At that time, I was just beginning to become acquainted with avantgarde music. Listeners will likely draw parallels with contemporary ambient/electronic musicians rather than with the artists highlighted on this blog. It is still, however, electronic and largely experimental. Many of the tracks began with live guitar, piano or sampler improvisations which were later heavily processed on my computer. On the song "Still", I used only an electric guitar recorded acoustically. Similarly, "Oceans" is for processed trumpet and electric guitar. You can download this album here and visit my bandcamp here, where I will be posting new albums in the future.

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  1. Listened to your album a couple of times now. Must say very good, very good indeed. It absolutely matches the great cover artwork. Love how the instrumental subtleties like the guitar or the trumpet grow out of the general flow. Thx a lot for the upload.